Empower healing through Bilateral Stimulation

Customizable audio, visual, and tactile sessions tailored to unique therapeutic needs and ensuring an accessible path to wellness.

Advanced solution for EMDR therapy

Experience remote or in-person EMDR sessions tailored to your personal therapeutic needs and comfort.

Multi-Sensory Stimulation

Use Auditory, Visual, or Haptic feedback separately or combine them for a comprehensive therapeutic session.


With EMDR Tappers you don't need expensive devices—just use an extra smartphone or connect an Apple Watch for tactile feedback during sessions.

Customization and Presets

Adjust timings, number of passes and choose from a variety of calming sounds ensuring each session meets your personal comfort level and therapeutic goals.

Who is EMDR Tappers for?

Thousands of therapists worldwide already use EMDR Tappers


1Why is your app free to use?
We believe in accessible mental health support, so we made our core features free. For those who want more, we offer additional premium features which also helps us to keep the app running.
2Can I use it on my smartphone or PC?
You can use EMDR Tappers app on your smartphone, or on your desktop via any web browser.
3Do I need to buy any devices?
Not at all! Regular headphones work for audio stimulation, and for tactile feedback, simply pair an extra smartphone or your Apple Watch.
4Can I use EMDR Tappers for meditation?
Absolutely! While EMDR Tappers is designed for therapy, the bilateral stimulation it provides can also be a great aid in meditation, helping to promote relaxation and reduce stress.